About us and the history of MVCC Food Bank

In 2005, two members of Mountain View Community Church (MVCC) found a way to provide an increasingly expensive resource – food.  Building on the biblical precept of neighbors helping neighbors, they worked together to find suppliers, collect donations, transport the food to their own back yards, and distribute it to anyone who needed.  From that humble beginning, MVCC Food Bank has grown into a respected program that helps feed hundreds in Maricopa and its surrounding communities.  We now average about 30,000 pounds of fresh produce and fruit, along with meats and staple items when available, at every distribution.

Ken Holland (known by his friends as Grumpy) and Jim Shoaf both worship at  MVCC, located in Thunderbird Farms at 50881 West Papago Road, and both live in the rural region of Hidden Valley about ten miles south of the church.  In 2005 the economy turned sour; friends and neighbors lost jobs and struggled - sometimes even to put food on the table.  Grumpy stumbled on a resource that could supply boxes of food for a nominal donation.  Excited about the possibility of helping his community, he brought it to Jim.  The two looked at what they could do and formed a plan.

They used two pick-up trucks to bring home the food.  Soon it was a trailer, then a bigger trailer.  As word spread folks jumped at the chance not only to save money and feed their families, but to be part of something that helped everyone.  Suppliers, impressed with their success, often donated their overage to stretch the food even further.  Folks who came for food often took for other families as well.

While the little church struggled to put together a suitable distribution site on their grounds, Jim got permission to distribute from a city parking lot belonging to the Maricopa School District.  Before long scores of school employees were jumping in to help.  They saw families in need in the school community, a valuable resource in the food bank, and a way they could help bring one to the other.  The excitement was electric; it is amazing how much love can be transported with a 36-foot trailer of food.

        In 2012, MVCC Food Bank finally settled on our home grounds at the church.  A year and a half later we added a mobile distribution site with the blessing of the school district, who supplied their parking lot and lights at the District Offices located at 44150 West Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway.

Although we’ve grown a hundredfold, our philosophy remains the same: the biblical precept of neighbors helping neighbors.  All workers are volunteers who pitch in when and where they can.  They are Hidden Valley neighbors, school employees, civic leaders, local small businesses, several churches, and scores of individuals who just want to help.  We are often able to donate excess food to such organizations as F.O.R. Maricopa, American Legion, the Women’s Auxiliary of Maricopa, VFW Maricopa, MUSD Culinary Arts Program, two soup kitchens, shelters for battered women, and more.

Want to be a part of something awesome?  MVCC Food Bank will inspire you to greatness.  We are not government subsidized; the costs are substantial and there’s plenty of physical labor involved, so we always need help.  Consider signing on as a Volunteer, a Sponsor, or a Partner.  If you’d like to donate, MVCC is a 501-C-3 organization and can provide you with documentation for tax purposes.  If you could use help with food, or know someone else who could, watch for Food Bank dates on this website and come on out to see us!